The Micro Current Procedure Simply Devitalizes The Eye Cells Through Electric Stimulation.

Not only the flesh, but even the seeds of the kiwi fruit have nutritional value. As the disease progresses, central scotomas or blind spots develop in the vision field. It provides great results in tightening the skin and the pores on it. While the dry form of AMA is more common, the wet form is more advanced and severe. This disease, according to reports, is known to affect about 1.2 million Americans, mostly after the age of 65 years. These are responsible for the conversion of the light into impulses. People who belong to these ethnic groups should get their eyes examined at least once in every two years, after the age of forty. Thus, you can consult an eye surgeon to get a cataract surgery done. These extracts are also prescribed for the treatment of retinopathy disease of the retina, usually a complication in diabetes. However, since this condition does not have a complete cure and the damage that occurs in this condition is almost irreversible, it is best to opt for certain preventive measures that will aid in avoiding the onset of this disease.

Transplants of skeletal myoblasts in rats and humans showed the ability to repair scar tissue damage and improve left ventricular function. Glaucoma is characterized by loss of peripheral vision, which is referred to as 'tunnel vision'. The micro current procedure simply devitalizes the eye cells through electric stimulation. Totipotent cells are produced from the fusion of the egg and sperm cells.

Age-related macular degeneration